Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thinking Like a Modern Nomad (2014 #nomadnote Roundup)

Modern nomads are driven by existential migration, the urge to explore frontiers. Traveling around the world means that you spend time in urban areas and rural environments. You leave your family and friends at home and live a life many of them can't relate to. A modern nomad is adventurous, connected and global.

Many nomads relate to the incredible lives of the adventurers in the National Geographic Magazine. 

Or imagine a new life when we live on another planet...

Nomads reflect on the impact of travel, building and power generation on the planet. 

Being a nomad creates a conceptual gap between you and residents who claim you shouldn't have the same rights as people who live there.

Nomads love to be connected.

Nomads reflect on where home is...

Comparing the Expat Experience (2014 #nomadnote Roundup)

Is Ecuador the best place to be an expat? What's the business trend that will change your life next year? These #nomadnotes look at research from different companies that will help you prepare for changes to your global life.

How Hard is it to Become a Global Leader? (2014 #nomadnote Roundup)

Becoming a global leader is a difficult task. These example talk about the number of global leaders in a global company and how successful they are.

Talking the Expat Talk (2014 #nomadnote Roundup)

When you move around on an international assignment you will need to decide what level of proficiency you need in the local language. Students have time to become fluent but if your working and living abroad with your family you might choose not to learn the local language.

Frolicks, Foibles and Facts of Expat Life (2014 #nomadnote Roundup)

Your everyday life changes when you move abroad: the people you see, the parties you go to, the taxes you pay and where the welcome is all change.