Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Is it Cool to be a Polyglot?

Do you speak five languages? If not, you're falling behind the pace of a growing number of expat student, according to a recent InterNations study.

Many people would think of fluency in two languages as being ahead of the curve, but the growing number of polygots are focusing on developing language skills for many reasons.
Parents are recognising that language skills are more important for their children's future. Language skills may be seen as a way to gain entry into the new global economy and, as most people believe it's a lot easier to learn a language as a kid than to go through the arduous task of learning it as an adult, parents are making this choice for their children.

It's also conceivable that the current global economy is contributing to this surge in the number of languages spoken by students. Youth unemployment is at unprecedented levels in many countries.

The inability to find a job could sharply boost the size of the population who identify themselves as (expat) students. Rather than wait for a job they are overqualified for to open up at home, many would rather return to school to boost their credentials with foreign language skills.

Other types of expats wouldn’t find language skills to be as pressing as they are assured employment for the length of the assignment (with or without fluency in the local language).

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