Friday, 13 June 2014

Coop du Monde, A World Cook-off Competition!

Global sick days are here! The World Cup started yesterday with Brazil playing Croatia in the Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo. 

Until June 26th, people all over the world will be in bars rooting for their home country to win. Although we may feel anxious for our countries, what we really want to hear is "goal!"

Expats have the toughest time choosing sides. If your home country didn't qualify (like mine) then you get to choose another team. My host country the USA did, but I hear that they have no chance of winning and I'm not sure I want to support an underdog when it isn't my underdog nation. I don't want to offend the passionate supporters of the USA, but this year I'm going to support Brazil!

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole...

To celebrate the competition Kim and I are going to compete in our own World Cup cook-off. I recently published a cookbook, Coop du Monde, that helps you be creative with roast chicken dinners. In honor of the game we are going to play our cook-off in different stages starting with a roast chicken dinner inspired by the grouping of the nations.

Cooking Competition
Cook a roast chicken dinner inspired by the cuisines of any member (or combination of) the group.
Sunday - 29
Cook a bar snack that you think the fans would like.
Create a cocktail inspired by the national drink.
Cook a dish inspired by the national cuisine.

Kim and I will judge each round using the honor code. Check out our draw for the group stage...

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