Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Blogging About Other People's Culture?

It's funny how nice it is to read about your home country, even after you've been away for a long time.

This morning @3rdCultureChild invited me to read their blog about Bolivia, a South American country I've never been to. You can sense how they are stunned by the landscape in that part of the world and how fascinated they are by the country and their way of life.

Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry
I thought I would find other countries more interesting, but instead I  indulged in nostalgia and read all the blogs on Scotland.

It seems that the American expats are having fun exploring the culture over there, although they seem to be having problems with the weather!

When I moved abroad for the first time I used to pullthe up the webcam of Prince's Street in Edinburgh just to see what was happening in Scotland, even if it was just grey and raining. 

France is winning the ExpatBlogs.com's competition. The French bloggers have the most comments, Facebook posts and retweets. If you want to participate, head over and cast your social media vote.

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