Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#globalhub November: Where's Home When You're Abroad?

Lack of mobility in the labour force increases unemployment!  Once people buy their home, they want to stay there.

When you move abroad, one of the big decisions that you have is whether to sell your house or not.
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Some companies have policies that enable them to buy your home, but other companies don't address this issue.

You also have to decide what you want to do: do you want to sell your home, do you want to let it out or do you want to leave it vacant. You aren't emigrating, so there is no reason to assume that you won't want to return to your home and not start over trying to buy a house when you arrive.

Homesickness is a big problem among people who live abroad and it can make a big difference to be able to take a break and go home. Being in your home can be a revitalising experience and a short breaks can be as good as returning home for good.

Another problem can be changes in the housing market. If you don't get on the property ladder then you might find your priced out of the market. The cost of housing versus your salary abroad can mean that if you live aboard you can't afford the same lifestyle when you return.

Once you are home, your options can be limited because lenders want collateral and you don't have any.

Today's #globalhub explores how to manage property when you have a global life.

Q1: How does property ownership compare between your home and your host country? #globalhub

Q2: Would you consider buying where you live now? #globalhub

Q3: Are you comfortable renting your home while you are abroad? #globalhub

Q4: Do you think your company should supply housing assistance when you are on an international assignment? #globalhub

Q5: Is property just a place to live or do you consider it an investment? #globalhub

Q6: If you could own any home in the world what kind would you want and where? #globalhub

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