Tuesday, 2 July 2013

#globalhub July: Creating Happy Global Teams

Working in a diverse, global environment can be a problem for many people. It is hard to understand an entire culture immediately. Many of the roles that we play are similar between cultures, but the cultures themselves are very different. Getting people to work with you and enjoy it can be difficult if you have different values.
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The best way to understand a culture is to look at the different groups and their histories. Try to expose yourself to open-minded people who will tell you about how patterns and behaviors have been developed and accepted as national identity. Visit historical places and learn as much as you can about the leaders and how they shaped the society.  

Don't be too concerned about making mistakes. It is better to learn about your environment through interaction than to constantly control how you understand and interpret. You were able to learn your first national identity and no-one gave you a manual; why do you think you won't be able to apply the same skills to another nation?

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Q1: What's the biggest challenge to creating a happy global team? #globalhub

Q2: How do you support diversity as a manager? #globalhub

Q3: How do you create shared values in a global team? #globalhub

Q4: How important is informal support when you have a global team? #globalhub

Q5: Is office culture set locally? #globalhub

Q6: What's a fun way to foster team harmony? #globalhub

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