Wednesday, 5 June 2013

#globalhub May: Is News Funny?

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Satirical news is still shunned as the naughty stepchild of the news, but is it really a new way for us to get our information?

If you are boring on social media no-one will retweet you. If you are too old school then you offend the new generation of digerati who want a real person to engage with them and want to be part of a two-way communication.

Most journalist today are talking about two new trends: curation and social TV. Publications like the Culture-ist, and online tools like Storify are leading the way in bridging the gap between traditional and social media. And what about indymedia? Where does that fit in?

When you move abroad, social media is a great way to get the mood of your home nation. The traditional media doesn't respond like people do. Before it was impossible to know what people felt without being there, but now you can get the tone of a nation on twitter.

Here are the best answers from May's #globalhub:

Q1. What is your preferred source of news (traditional, social media, etc.)?
Q2. Do you trust reporting from your home or host country more?
Q3. Do you feel you have a free press in your home/host country?
Q4. What's your favorite satirical publication or show?
Q5. Do you consider gossip to be news?
Q6. What country's media covers the world the best?
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