Tuesday, 19 February 2013

#globalhub lite: The Pulps

How do you judge a great book? By the binding! Hemingway's expat days in Paris found him in a resale market for French and English books. The French bookseller found it difficult to judge the quality of books in English because the sign of a good book in France is binding, but all the books in English were bound and poorly.

Pulp magazines started in the late 1800s and were targeted at literate lower-class readers. The name came from the type of paper used and the style of story.

One of the great ways to get to know another culture is to read comic books. Translations of comic books into other languages can be an easy way for you to familiarize yourself with the culture you are living in.

There are always stalls in markets that resell books. If you have bare bookshelves when you arrive in another country, you can always head to the local market and pick up some cheap fiction to stock your shelves and read on those nights when you have nothing to do.

This week's #globalhub lite is about pulp fiction and the different comic/dime magazines and novels that make up the genre.

Q1: Which country has the best pulp fiction? #globalhub

Q2: Do you read comics in another language? #globalhub

Q3: Do you have a favorite pulp hero? Old and new. #globalhub

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