Friday, 22 February 2013

Dysfunctional Culture

Name and Shame, a UK tabloid tactic, is now being used by the UK government. The dark side of culture - creating mob rule. The UK plans to name companies that avoid tax. But isn't it counterintuitive for a healthy nation to harm its citizens.

Columbus, Named and Shamed Around the World!
I often hear the idea that it's the system and that's not about me. I've created more than one system and I work in a leadership field where I discuss how to create a healthy work and national environment.

My advice to the British government is to look at the outcome in its culture of a shame-based system. Controlling people through shame damages them. The businesses the British government want to shame probably need a combination of hard-business skills tailored to a small-business environment and personal leadership skills designed to help them decision-make in a way that maximizes their ROI.

Systems are meant to be open and change and grow. Closed systems decay. If you want to create a great system then you need to understand all the elements and then design an elegant structure. The purpose of a system is to support the people.

You can't make people proud of enforcing rules when the outcome is damaging. There are very large lessons from history about this and people who make history should be wary of making these mistakes.

Making the system support people is central to the debate on immigration. The people who face deportation suffer under a system that doesn't represent people, but has a life of its own. The Australian government should let a Scottish couple who built their lives in Australia stay. They want to, and isn't that important? It seems ridiculous to apply statistical analysis tools to create the stats.

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