Tuesday, 8 January 2013

#globahub Jan 2013: How Good is Your International Assignment Program?

Most companies don’t have formalized programs for international assignments. They are rarely measured to understand the return on investment or recognized as a talent management and development opportunity.

This month’s globalhub talks about the level of internal development of international assignment programs and company-versus-person reasons for accepting an international assignment.

Q1: Does your company have a formalized international assignment process?

Q2: What is the business case used to justify an international assignment in your company? #globalhub

Q3: What international assignment expenses are covered and why? #globalhub

Q4: What is the culture in your company about international assignments? #globalhub

Q5: Who chooses the person to go on an international assignment? #globalhub

Q6: What are the reasons you do or don’t accept an international assignment? #globalhub

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