Friday, 19 October 2012

Expats Buck The Global Trend

TD Global Investor Confidence Survey found that expats were still confident in their choice of company to invest in, even though emerging- market growth is slowing and the global economy is cooling.
Alternative investments?

They are confident that the companies in their portfolio will generate an income for them and help them build wealth.

What's Different About Expat Investors?
  • Expats have a unique perspective, they see how markets are changing where they live and where they visit. Lagging indicators (like GDP) don't reflect grass-roots growth. 
  • Expats are more risk tolerant than people who only see their local economy. They can compare and see changes in the cost of products from country to country.
  • Expats can see gaps in the market. Sometimes it is just a product they can get at home that they can't get abroad.
  • If your partner works for a local firm, or starts a business, you get a broader perspective on the economy, which can give you a different take on what's happening in the world.
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