Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Photobook Launch: Oktoberfest

Like other festivals and fiestas around the world, when you arrive in Munich for Oktoberfest an other-worldly feeling is palpable. Locals and visitors balance a sense of stolen leisure with an urgency for enjoyment.

At Oktoberfest, the senses become a bit more acute. Of all the sense, taste is bombarded the most (of course). Ears are filled with the music of the oom-pah band. But the sights of the parade, tents and streets are magical as well.

Sharon Lorimer brought a brilliant photographer's eye and a first-time visitor's perspective to capture some of the most enchanting photos of this beer-soaked holiday. As day turned to night, she took photos that brought the energy of the celebration alive again.

So raise a Stein to the pictures of Oktoberfest. They're not just as a refresher of what you can't remember from the previous day!


Kim Khan,
Editor and Writer.

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