Tuesday, 5 June 2012

#globalhub June: Libations from Around the World

In the movie, French Kiss, Luc explains, “Wine is like people. The wine takes all the influences in life all around it, it absorbs them and it gets its personality.”

In the movie he is showing Kate a box of dried local plants that grow in this part of France. There is lavender in the soil and once she knows what it smells like she can taste it in the wine.

Taste is specific to place. Soils has different properties and so does water; the combination of the plants, soil and water makes spirits, wines and beers taste of their origins.

When you travel or live abroad, you miss the tastes you know, but you also experience new tastes that become part of your life. This month's #globalhub discusses different drinks from around the world, and where and how you like to enjoy them.


 This Month's #globalhub Questions (4pm EST @globalhub1)

Q1. What is your favorite libation and how do you like to drink it?

Q2: Does your home country have a famous drink?

Q3: Do you drink what you like when you are invited to an event in a foreign country or do you ask your host what they recommend?

Q4: Do you have a favorite style of wine? Which part of the world does it come from?

Q5: What is the local style of beer where you live? Is there a different style in your home country?

Q6: What is the worst drink you ever had?

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