Monday, 7 May 2012

Why We Act Local and Forget Global!

Creating your own culture
If creating a global structure is the key to building global companies, then why do local leaders choose local service providers and people instead of global people and solutions?

Choosing Power Over Efficacy

When people are presented with the choice of global vs. local strategies they choose to consolidate power. People want status and they build it in their communities.

HR Magazine reports on this trend to localize learning and development; national heads of L&D departments are asking local business leaders to recommend local service providers.

Why Do People Choose Local Over Global Ideas?

Lack of understanding of how to globalize and the difficult process of personal growth creates inertia. Most people don't want to fail and find that they prefer the status they earned in their home country to a new uncertain position in a host country.

Distance from the power source in your company results in reduced status and lack of opportunity. Many expats discover how proximity influences power when they move abroad; ending up as the outsider is isolating and builds resentment.

Tip: Before going on an international assignment ensure that your CEO has a global plan for your company and that your position in the global structure empowers you to develop a global skill set that leads to leadership opportunities.

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