Friday, 20 April 2012

Everybody Comes to Rick's ...

In Casablanca, Victor Laszlo never orders the same drink. The quintessential antihero, Rick, never orders a different drink!

When you travel abroad you will be invited to many events with people from different countries. Like Victor Laszlo, you might want to play the part of the consummate diplomat and drink what your host would drink. Rick, by his drink choices, tells the story about his character and allegiance: a simple man, a patriot in his own way.

Global ingredients
On an international assignment you need to learn when to copy your host and when to present your culture and personal choices. Like a third-culture kid you need to blend. 

What Can a Cocktail Book Teach You About Blending Cultures?

Cocktails are our way of breaking bread. Our new book, Alias Nick and Nora's Homestyle Cocktails, is an expression of our life experiences and structured in a way that makes our multicultural backgrounds global. 

The book uses the universal groupings of wine, spirits and beer to make local lore global. It is enables us to include different life experiences in a group without obscuring the unique places and people that inspired us to write.  

How Can I Apply This In My Business?

When you are establishing a global structure in your company, look for the universal groupings that enable you to create a global structure without destroying or replacing the local cultures in each of the countries that you operate in. Often, because of the differences in relative power between operations, globalisation means international subsidiaries operate the way the parent company wants. Your structure needs to empower difference to create global growth.

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  1. I would probably suggest to get more info about what you will be drinking...the reactions if you are not used to that amoun of booz could be embarassing...(my experience) :)

  2. Yes. That sounds like good advice. There can be a big difference in alcohol content by type of alcohol and brewing method.

    I found this list of the highest content beers online (

    Countries also have different attitudes to alcohol. If your boss takes you out in China they expect you to get drunk with them. If you went out for drinks with your boss in the US it is better to stay sober! And if you are working in the UK you can get a pint at lunchtime!