Monday, 5 March 2012

March #globalhub: Expat Women

Join our online event on Mar 6 @ 4 EST
March 8 is International Women's Day. All around the world men and women are celebrating the life experiences of women and helping to raise awareness of their needs.

In our community of expats, women have traditionally trailed behind their spouses. More recently, we have seen the development of men trailing behind female high fliers.

This months #globalhub gives us an opportunity to share what it is like to be an expat when you are a woman and what it is like to support a woman expat.

Want to Celebrate?

My husband and I are heading down to a cocktail happy hour at Lani Kai on Broome Street in NYC (it's RSVP). If you're in New York, come and say "hi" and support the Bottomless Closet fundraising event. If you aren't in Manhattan, there are lots of events around the world that you can participate in.

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