Thursday, 22 March 2012

Love On International Assignments

Relationships formed on international assignments can be very romantic. You meet in a foreign country, there is a lot of travel and you imagine your life abroad with the person you love.
Symbols of love?

But if you get married and move between countries one of you will always be an expat.

Wendy Williams has written a book on the experience of global love (glolo). Often the perception of the locals is that an expat family abroad all hail from the same country. But there are many multicultural and mixed-race marriages in the world of glolo.

Top 5 Unexpected Differences in Glolo Marriages

1. You need to make 4 times as much money as you would if you just stayed home because you will move around the world a lot.
2. You may worry about getting along with your in laws, but they are usually in another country, so no need to worry there.
3. You spend time thinking up culturally neutral names for your kids to discover that they will be co-opted by car companies.
4. Combining your national dishes isn't the best idea you ever had.
5. Glolo marriages open up your creativity and make life fun. 

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