Thursday, 29 March 2012

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      Thursday, 22 March 2012

      Love On International Assignments

      Relationships formed on international assignments can be very romantic. You meet in a foreign country, there is a lot of travel and you imagine your life abroad with the person you love.
      Symbols of love?

      But if you get married and move between countries one of you will always be an expat.

      Wendy Williams has written a book on the experience of global love (glolo). Often the perception of the locals is that an expat family abroad all hail from the same country. But there are many multicultural and mixed-race marriages in the world of glolo.

      Top 5 Unexpected Differences in Glolo Marriages

      1. You need to make 4 times as much money as you would if you just stayed home because you will move around the world a lot.
      2. You may worry about getting along with your in laws, but they are usually in another country, so no need to worry there.
      3. You spend time thinking up culturally neutral names for your kids to discover that they will be co-opted by car companies.
      4. Combining your national dishes isn't the best idea you ever had.
      5. Glolo marriages open up your creativity and make life fun. 

      Share your #glolo experiences with @theartofthexpat.

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      Monday, 19 March 2012

      Here Be Monsters... In Your Mind

      Sailors used to add images of serpents and mythical beasts to maps when they didn't know what was there. We often do the same thing in our minds. We like what we know and we can often shy away from things we don't understand.

      Your Personality is Key to Your Success Abroad

      From Gaudi's mind...
      When you start living abroad you encounter lots of new things. It can be as simple as feeling disorientated or as complex as understanding a culture that you didn't grow up in.

      Before you accept an international assignment ask yourself what type of person you are. Are you a person that copes with new things well, can you accept failure and help or do you reject the crowd and try to do it on your own?

      I remember not being able to find anything when I first started to live in NY. I lived in the UK for most of my life and found that the techniques I used to get around in the UK didn't work in NY. I had no idea how much information was stored in my head and how informal the learning process had been. Now when I go to a new city I use a more formal process of learning about the place.

      On an international assignment, you'll find a lot of unfamiliar and perhaps strange things (from ways of doing business to how your Internet is billed to what to eat at breakfast) that you may be tempted to label the land of monsters (best left unknown). But keep in mind that the great explorers were always willling to sail off the map. And they had a crew that shared their vision.

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      Thursday, 15 March 2012

      Super Organisms and God...

      How Can I Apply This To an International Assignment?

      Super organisms survive in hostile environments. A super organism exists without its resources being taken by the cannabilism of self interest. You can apply this philosophy to choosing who you send to open a market.

      If you want to promote success in your international assignments, create a cohesive group of people who can promote evolution in the local community.

      Rather than choosing the highest performer to send abroad, why not choose the best team and make sure you enable them to work together? Support can be financial, it can be time together and it can be communicating and motivating the super organism around its shared values.

      Choose inspiring groups who create those moments in our lives when we act together for a higher purpose.

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      Friday, 9 March 2012

      #frifoto This Week: Chocolate

      I like chocolate, but I haven't taken a lot of photos of chocolate. I've started looking around for chocolate shots when I started to look at my collection for photos to share in this week's #frifotos.

      The swirls above are chocolate in ice cream. I like the chocolate muffins photo because it makes me feel like a kid and I want to eat a whole packet of gummy bears in one go.

      Thursday, 8 March 2012

      Bon Appetit! Julia Child Returns Home Inspired...

      Julia Child is an icon in the US. Her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and the television series, The French Chef, made her a household name.

      Her travels abroad as a diplomat's wife (and spy) inspired her to learn to cook. In turn, she was inspired to share her knowledge with her fellow Americans and shaped how generations of Americans cook.

      I love this video of her. She has a great sense of humour and an enormous personality. Here she introduces the chickens! Bon Appetit!

      Coup de Monde...

      It reminds me of my less-than-magnum opus on the roast chicken inspired by my expat experiences. This is a book that has been in the making for several years. Unfortunately I don't cook with much precision and although the recipes are interesting (Pumkin Seed Oil and Chipotle Sauce Chicken with Curried Lemon, Apple and Shallot Stuffing), I didn't note the measurement when I create the dishes. And now, I can't find the motivation to go back over all the chickens and cook them again to test the recipe and document the measurements so I can publish the book.

      Monday, 5 March 2012

      March #globalhub: Expat Women

      Join our online event on Mar 6 @ 4 EST
      March 8 is International Women's Day. All around the world men and women are celebrating the life experiences of women and helping to raise awareness of their needs.

      In our community of expats, women have traditionally trailed behind their spouses. More recently, we have seen the development of men trailing behind female high fliers.

      This months #globalhub gives us an opportunity to share what it is like to be an expat when you are a woman and what it is like to support a woman expat.

      Want to Celebrate?

      My husband and I are heading down to a cocktail happy hour at Lani Kai on Broome Street in NYC (it's RSVP). If you're in New York, come and say "hi" and support the Bottomless Closet fundraising event. If you aren't in Manhattan, there are lots of events around the world that you can participate in.