Thursday, 26 January 2012

Is Living Abroad a Life Stage?

The Future of Human Capital is a topic at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland. One of the key points from the Session Summary is that, “Global mobility and migration are the highest in history, offering hope as mechanisms for addressing the unemployment crisis.”

Reflections on life paths
This session also addressed the volume of migration, “The world has never been more mobile, with almost 1 billion people in some stage of migration (750 million domestically and 250 million internationally). Migration has been humanity’s longest serving defence against poverty, and so the current large-scale movement of people is necessary and desirable.”

How Does This Change How We Should View Migration?

- Immigration laws should be understood as tools to reduce global poverty.
- International migration is a life stage.

Is It Just Poverty We Should Consider?

Affluent people are making professional and personal choices on where they want to live, work and retire. Companies need to build capabilities that enable global workers, people need to build mobility skills, and governments need to create legislative tools that enable people to make global choices.

A Life Stage?

Life stages are transition phases in our life. International assignments include many dilemmas. If international migration occurs in most people’s lives, will the dilemmas become a new life stage?

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