Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#globalhub Conversation Now Live

A community of global workers on international assignments discussing their personal, cultural, business, and international experiences.

Location: @globalhub1

Date: First Tuesday Every Month

How to Comment:  Add the hash tag (#globalhub) to your tweets.

  • Choosing a New Way of Life
  • Developing Identity
  • Doing Business Abroad
  • Building Global Teams
  • Managing a Boundaryless Career
  • Understanding Politics
  • Leaving Home
  • Build a New Life Abroad
  • Understanding Globalisation
  • Raising Third-Culture Kids

How to Respond to a Moderated Conversation
  1. Watch the feed for question from the moderator labeled with Q1, Q2, etc.
  2. Answer a question with A1, A2, where the number corresponds to the question number.
Moderator: @theartofthexpat

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