Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Virtual Explorers

Families that move abroad face identity issues. You may have to dress differently and speak differently. The environment is different and the people you meet are new. How do you establish a connection to the people at home who don’t understand the changes that are happening to you?

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Create an Online World to Explore Identity

Games are great learning tool. According to Intrepid Learning, “72% of American households play games regularly.”

Creating a new world in Second Life and choosing an avatar is a fun way for you and your family to explore identity. You can learn about changes to your values and how you build relationship with people who are different from you.

Why Do You Need To Do This?

Families that stay in their home countries often don’t understand why the person who lives abroad changes. They don’t understand the need for the change. Playing an identity game online might help your family and friends understand the personal growth that you experience on an international assignment.

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