Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Origin of the Turkey

Virginia, famous for ham, #2 choice today
I grew up in the UK and we traditionally eat turkey at Christmas. It hadn’t occurred to me that the turkey isn’t indigenous to the UK. I hadn’t seen one in the countryside, but I assumed because it is the traditional bird for Christmas that it must have been indigenous at one point.

In fact, the turkey is only indigenous to the US. The first turkey made it to Britain in the 17th century. They were original identified as guineas foul. Guinea fouls where also known as turkeys because they came through Turkey.

Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national symbol of the US, but the other founding fathers thought that a turkey didn’t really represent their ideas.

This thanksgiving I am not sure if I will have turkey. My husband is taking me out for lunch, but the restaurant is a surprise.

Happy Thanksgiving

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