Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Can’t Do That, Dave (Feelings Can Influence Computers!)

People coming together

Changes in how we feel are being recorded. The Global Consciousness Project tracks global events and records how random number generators across the world are affected. When an event that impacts the world occurs, the random number generators synchronise.

Different types of events affect the global consciousness differently. Events that provoke compassion (like meditation sessions) create more global connections, while events that create fear (like terrorist attacks) create fewer.

How Can I Use This in an International Assignment?

• You can apply this understanding to your globalisation strategy. Theories like Global vs. Local emphasis difference, while global consciousness emphasises connection. If you use global consciousness to underpin the development of your vision of globalization, you can create a more connected organisation.

• You can shape your own mindset. Culture differences can seem unworkable, but you already know that connections between us exist. Try to connect on an emotional level to bridge the gap between your home and host countries.

• You can create connections instantly. You can setup meditation practices with your colleagues to create a connection to them that doesn't require training.

• It can help you select the right service provider. When you choose a cross-cultural training company look for a company that includes mindfullness, alternative medicine or yoga in their training. These practices promote emotional stability and connectedness on an international assignment.