Thursday, 8 September 2011

Single, Highly Educated, Looking For...

The cost of international schools is becoming a deal breaker for families and the companies that send them on international assignments. International schools in Hong Kong have debentures of up to HK$10 million, with parents adding their kids to waiting lists as soon as they are born.

If companies start to choose single people for international assignments instead of families what will corporate offices look like, Club 18-30 or singles clubs for the divorced?

The Daily Show spoofs their location
Club 18-30

If you go an international assignment are you really looking for love? Will people start to choose places to go based on how good looking and how young the population is? Everyone wants to go to India where the majority of the population is under 30, but no-one wants to go Germany, or the US, where the populations are aging and the birth rate is declining.

Singles Club

Your corporate office becomes the new version of the French Foreign Legion. The people have gone through bad divorces and have anger related issues. They are choosing to escape instead of talking to their therapist about their feelings.

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