Thursday, 15 September 2011

Meow… “Get me out of here!”

Enjoying a nap in the sun
She was behind the cargo counter when we arrived to collect her at the airport. The US doesn’t have quarantine so our cat was able to come straight in.

We couldn’t see her, but as soon as she heard us talking she started yelling. And she didn’t stop until we got to our apartment.

When we spoke to the people at PetAir UK they said that it isn’t unusual for pets to sulk, but at the apartment she came out and started to explore. She was still yelling, but more of an approving sound than the jail-bust yell she used earlier.


  • Use a pet carrier. They'll provide a pet container and they do all the paperwork and vet checks for you.
  • Don’t feel guilty; your pet is ok.
  • Find different types of food for them. Pet food tastes different. Your pet has preferences.
  • Set up a place for them in your new home so that when they arrive they can own their space and feel at home.

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