Sunday, 11 September 2011


9/11 Exhibition at Columbus Circle (NY)
I remember that day. My husband and I returned from Hong Kong the day before and I got up to go to work as usual. When I got there no-one was at their desk. The first plane had hit the north tower on my way from the elevator to my desk.

I remember phoning my mom. I left a message, “You are going to see something on the news later. I’m ok.”

I went to the break room. What is going on?

When you go on an international assignment you need to prepare for conflict.

What Should You Do?

  • Call as soon as you sense something. The communication networks will be cut in the country that you are in if there is a terrorist attack.
  • Make sure your family knows your location. Are you close to the conflict zone? They will be concerned.
  • Buy a torch/flashlight and some batteries to make sure you can get around your apartment in the dark.
  • Have a radio at hand. They will be broadcasting.
  • Know where your embassy is in case you need to be evacuated.
  • Before you go, review your will to ensure that it us up-to-date.

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