Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Sword of Damascus

India has the capacity for greatness. Damascus steel, originating in India before the technique moved to Persia, was legendary in the Middle Ages when warriors used the steel to create swords. But, the technique was lost and other metals where discovered and used, but if past performance is the best indication of future performance then India can innovate again.

Global Strengths

India is a large country with a young, educated workforce. They can leverage this drive to create growth. A growing middle class can create optimistic entrepreneurial ideas and a demand for consumer and lifestyle goods.

New ways of delivering products
India lacks formalisation, which can enable innovation and growth more easily than mature economies that have always done it that way and don’t want to change!

Despite this, the hotel sector in India is hiring expats to standardise the sector and compete internationally.

India’s ties to English imperialism left an underdeveloped state and an unhealthy population, but it also left English as a global language for business.

The outsourcing of call centres leverages global economies of scale, language skills and Indian trained business leaders, like the Banga brothers, are getting CEO jobs in Western companies.

The proximity of India and its developmental focus on technology has made it different in character from China. India has a huge mobile phone sector. Any ideas on internal development of India should integrate products and service designed to be delivered on mobiles.

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