Saturday, 13 August 2011

How Would You Reinvent Peckham?

Local knowledge of Peckham in symbols
One of the places that I lived in London was Peckham. I watched with sadness and a little shock to see the kids rioting at the end of our street! When I lived there I noticed that there are a lot of butchers, people playing football, small but interesting boutique shops, the people are kind (the animals aren’t scared), and that people need money. From the riots I leaned that what they really, really want is a flat screen tv!

If Peckham wants to create wealth and compete in the world then it should try to create a cluster (from its strengths). Learning about globalisation and competitiveness shows that the countries that can grow the fastest and sustain their lead have clusters of people drawn together to work in an industry; Detroit for cars, silk in China, medicine in Edinburgh!

So far the ideas from me and my business partner are:

  • Rio Ferdinand’s Twitter Football Academy
  • A recreation of Gangs of New York tweeted on someone’s mobile!  
  • An Argentinean soccer team relocated to Peckham for the meat and boutique shopping.

What do you think you can create in Peckham from these already existing powerful components?  

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