Friday, 12 August 2011

Bad Global Bosses

Need a getaway car?
If your job isn't working abroad it's a different conversation. At home you can leave the company and get another job without being deported! Many international assignees have visas linked to their company; if you leave the company, you lose the right to stay.

How Do I Spot a Bad Global Boss?

Before you go on your international assignment you should ask the people who work in the host country what the corporate culture is like. Is it aggressive, paternalistic, or collective? You can use Hofstede to understand different countries' approaches to culture. Create questions designed to find out how you will be treated. Are there bad stories too?

Warning Signs

Corporate cultures vary from place to place. Here are some red flags:
  • Favoritism to local employees
  • Erratic hiring and firing practices
  • Headquarters-driven culture
  • Short-term international assignments. 

Negotiate an Exit Strategy

Under these circumstances you need to work together with HR and your manager on an exit strategy. You may need to start the negotiation and explain your needs. Try to explain the problems in terms of culture or circumstance and ask for a relocation package. If they won't provide any support then you can feel confident that you spotted a bad global boss!

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