Wednesday, 31 August 2011

€50,000 Virtual Treasure Hunt

Dedopulos is the creator of The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth. He is a digital hobo (and traveller) who surfs the virtual world for treasure. He comes from a line of people who purchased land with a title from a Doge of Venice! Here Dedopulos is, generations later, on a quest for a different type of treasure.

Saving a National Treasure
On the treasure hunt you use the clues in the book (and your constant connection to the Google Earth website) to find the location of the treasure. The treasure hunt ends on the 31st March, 2012.

Help Us Out Here George?

If George Clooney, in Up In The Air, can’t convince us that we only need a backpack and not a home, can Google convince us that we only need a computer and a wired mindset to find treasure?

I like this game. I like that it is about the world and that I need to figure out where, why, and what I’m looking for to find the place I need to be. In the virtual world we get limitless potential for adventure and exploration, but can we put a pin in the virtual space and feel we found treasure? A great quest in the style of Don Quixote.

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