Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What Makes a Great Reward When Your Are Abroad?

What a great reward! Blowing up your boss's car just looks like a fun thing to do, but on an international assignment the dangers involved in your life might make this type of fun impossible.

When you go aboard you need to think about the type of rewards that you want from an assignment. What if someone blows up your car, what if someone targets you as a foreigner to take your stuff! After living in London and having many items stolen I recommend good insurance (or a slush fund) for replacing cameras, bags, wallets, phones etc.

Good insurance on an international assignment helps you get back to your life. Make sure that you check when your insurance will pay out. When I called to ask about my insurance I was told that unless I kept my bag in my lap at all times when I was out that my insurance was void! No new phone for me! The cost of living in another country rises rapidly when you need to replace your technology every other month.

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