Thursday, 21 July 2011

What Do I Need in My Short-Term Contract?

You know that failure is a possibility; you know that most international assignees leave their organisation soon after they return home. How do you prevent a difficult role becoming a life failure? 

What Should I Do First?

When you are asked to go abroad on a fire-fighting assignments it probably means that the situation in the country you're going to is volatile.

Flying home
Do some research into what the problem is and not just what the brass tells you it is? Is it the relationship between headquarters and the affiliate? Is it an operational problem? Is it a cultural problem?

Once you understand the assignment and the internal political situation, you should negotiate with your employer about what happens if you need to come home. 

What Should I Ask For?

  • Return flights for you, your family, and pets
  • Corporate accommodation on your return
  • Guaranteed job on your return
  • An option to take a lump sum to end the relationship.

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