Thursday, 28 July 2011

Roam If You Want To...

Don't remember the words!
How do you build excitement for an international move, especially if you have kids? Try building a playlist of your favourite travel songs. It doesn’t have to be about the place that you are going to, it can be about movement, the emotional journeys of moving, or symbols of movement like a river.

My favourite road trip song is "Roam" by the B-52s. You might like Bob Marley, or Aerosmith. Here’s a list of 30 moving songs to help get you started.

If you are listening to a song somewhere and you don’t know the name, you can download Shazam for your iPhone and use it to identify the song. You could also go online and sing the song you know. Midomi, an online music site, lets you sing to it and then it searches for the song you are signing (but, you might be recorded!).

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