Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Global English?

English is the language of business. 55% of people use English every day in their work lives, but English is only the third-largest language in the world.

How do you get information?
How can you break down cultural, political, and social barriers to improvement communication?   

How do you make learning business English part of the everyday routine? 

Team Building Exercises
  • Reward employees for increases in innovations like reduced global lead times that can be linked to improvements from better business English.
  • Create fun ways to learn on the job. Get native speakers to share fun translations like Spanglish and Japanese English.
  • Use instant messaging translation tools and get native speakers to rewrite them explaining what's funny about the tools translation.
Learn more about GlobalEnglish and why you should improve communication skills in the free white paper from GlobalEnglish.

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