Monday, 25 July 2011

Does the Media Create Global Culture?

If we believe that Rupert Murdoch’s judgment (or support) is a green light for success; how does he create global culture and can he really make (or break) you as a global icon?

Murdoch’s influence is fading; how effective has he been?

Cheryl Cole was the first from the modern British cultural icons who rose while Murdoch’s tabloid culture was mainstream in the UK and who tried to make the crossover. She brought with her a blueprint for success built in another culture.

Her lack of understanding of the creation of culture and her British class attitude led to a spectacular failure in her international assignment.

US HQ for Tabloids
Murdoch Isn’t Responsible for Tabloid Corporate Culture!

Tabloids in the UK have enabled and empowered dysfunctional behaviour. Tabloids are anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, angry, and create a culture of pride and shame.

Murdoch’s is the man who brought Page 3 to Britain, but he told the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the UK Parliament that he is unaware of the actions of the people who work for him.

Dude; This Aggression Will Not Stand!

Piers Morgan a former Editor of the News of the World has made the transition in to the US. With the culture at the global empire in question; can he survive the house cleaning?

He has been helped by big name stars like Oprah, who have endorsed him and he has also used local talent in his US team. These are both good steps for an international assignment and globalising your company.

Piers Morgan’s succeeded in the tabloid environment. Will his learned behaviour succeed in a therapeutic culture like America which doesn’t empower dysfunction?

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