Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Can You Invest Abroad?

If you want to invest in the next online grocer in India, a global consulting company founded in the UK, or a cell phone mobile charging station company based in New Port Beach in the States you can invest before the company becomes a national player.

Grow VC is an online global community of entrepreneurs, experts, and investors where you can invest in any startup anywhere in the world.

You can invest from $20 or give your expertise for a percentage of the company.

Vote in the Startup Battle!

I voted for Cell Cubby. It’s a great concept that has the potential to serve a local and a global market. I always end up forgetting to charge something when I’m at home, and I usually need to charge a cell when I arrive in another country. 

I Want To Raise Money - How Does it Work?

It’s a simple interface. You create a pitch telling people about your idea and then ask the community to invest (either time or money) for a stake in your company.

Look out for opportunities to invest in doshebu via GrowVC.

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